Review: Psycrence – A Frail Deception

Location: Athens, Greece
Genre: Progressive/Power Metal
Released: April 25, 2014
Format Reviewed: FLAC
Feature: Global Conquest – Recent Releases

The debut effort from Psycrence sounds like a blend of Iron Maiden’s vocals blended together with recent Symphony X guitar work, without the elements that make each respective band exciting to listen to.

In other words, what we have here is a boring effort that is almost too tight for its own good, and seems to be deliberately restrained, restricting the creativity of the band. Every song sounds virtually the same, and there’s only a few songs that really have standout parts. “Moral Decay” has a nice guitar solo; “Incised Path” has an interesting ending; there are some cool vocal harmonies in “Reflection,” which also has a weird electronic distortion effect towards the end. The closer, “Hold Close The Flame,” has the album’s best guitar solo, but the rest of the track is uninteresting, and it also cuts off at the end for no apparent reason.

This album does not sound terrible, but its problem lies in the songwriting, which doesn’t develop into anything noteworthy. I would like to see more ambition from them, or maybe even a long jam session which gets recorded, with the contents of that jam session being the base for the next album.

Overall: A little loosening up would go a long way into producing a more ambitious sound.

Rating: 2.0*


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