Review: Algebra – Feed The Ego

Location: Lausanne, Switzerland
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release: September 16, 2014
Format Reviewed: FLAC
Feature: Global Conquest – Upcoming Releases

By: Kris Kotlarik

A name like Algebra sounds more like something for a band such as Cynic, Dream Theater, or Ayreon, titans of progressive metal with time signatures that stun mathematicians into a state of confusion. Nay, Algebra is more of a straightforward thrash metal band. Feed The Ego is their second full release, and while it has some good moments (and one great song), there’s a lot left on the table. 

What stands out to me, more than any particular song, is the mix. The drums seem to overpower everything else, and the guitars are split into their own separate channel: Lead on the left, rhythm on the right. The vocals can be a little grating at times. With all that said, the production is actually very smooth. The sound reminds me of latter-day Warbringer, which is not necessarily a good thing as I much preferred their raw sound on their first album, War Without End

This album lacks consistent flow; many songs, such as “Necessary Evil” and “Profound Guilt,” have solid parts in them, such as the dual vocal chorus in the former and a nice solo in the latter. “My Shelf” is the only song that I did not care for as a whole; it’s a thrash ballad that doesn’t progress into anything of note. 

As for the best track, that distinction goes to “Feed Me More,” which has a lengthy bass-driven instrumental intro that builds into a solid thrash riff which continues throughout the song. It also boasts several nifty guitar leads. “Egosystem,” which follows the aforementioned track, is also a good track with an excellent ending. 

Overall: Bolstered by the second half, a reward for sitting through a rather uneventful first half. 

Rating: 2.5*


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