Review: One Machine – The Distortion Of Lies And The Overdriven Truth

Location: London, England
Genre: Power/Progressive Metal
Released: February 17, 2014
Format Reviewed: FLAC
Feature – Global Conquest – Recent Releases

By: Kris Kotlarik

The opening impression I got from the title track, which opens One Machine’s debut album, was that I was about to hear an album centered around Nevermore tribute/worship. This could possibly be a good thing; Persuader put out a solid album this year which could have easily been confused as a heavier version of Blind Guardian‘s Imaginations From The Other Side. In this case, the intro is almost an exact replica of the title track from The Obsidian Conspiracy, and it sounds awesome. The rest of the track is fast and contains some Nevermore-resembling solos.

The opener, along with the three tracks that follow it and the thrashing closer, “Freedom And Pain,” are the album’s best tracks. Unfortunately, the sandwich in between these tracks are all, for one reason or another, not stellar. “Defiance,” “Last Star Alight,” and “Into Nothing” are boring to say the least, dragging on without any semblance of progression. The vocals in “Evict The Enemy” are grating and detract from the song’s solid instrumentation. “One Machine” runs way too long and teeters between awesome instrumental sections and more annoying, screeching vocals.

For those keeping score, we have five solid-to-good tracks and five completely forgettable tracks. The bonus track is an opportunity to push this into solid territory, but it’s an off-the-mark cover of the Phil Collins classic, “I Don’t Care Anymore.” (Look, I’m not a Phil Collins fan, but if there’s a song of his that metal can’t improve, this would be that track.)

Overall: Even at its best moments, The Distortion is unoriginal. At its worst, it can be downright grating.

Rating: 2.0*

Additional Thoughts: While I spoke highly of Persuader’s recent effort, When Eden Burns, the highest rating I could foresee that album being awarded is a 3.5* because, while the album may have a solid sound, it lacks that component of originality that would separate it from the rest of the field. 


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