Review: Iron Reagan – The Tyranny Of Will

Location: Richmond, Virginia
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
Released: September 16, 2014
Format Reviewed: FLAC
Feature: National Uprising – Recent Releases

By: Kris Kotlarik

Iron Reagan is one of those bands that are significantly more live than in studio. That’s not a knock on their studio efforts, which are still highly energetic; they’re just an entertaining bunch to watch.

The Tyranny Of Will, Iron Reagan’s second album in as many years, packs a lot of attitude onto 25 tracks. With the exception of the closer, “Four More Years,” which fittingly clocks in at 4:01, each track is 2:15 or shorter. Often, they are much shorter; my personal favorite track, “You’re Kid’s an Asshole,” is just twelve seconds long. But in my work life, I just want to blast this song on repeat. And playing it 15 times in between class is always a nice luxury.

Tempos range from moderate, latter-day Bad Religion-esque (but not containing said sound) to blazing fast, as seen on “Nameless.” One of the more unique features on this album is the use of various samples from movies and news conferences, something that was present on their Spoiled Identity EP that was released earlier this year. Occasionally, such as on “Your Kid’s An Asshole,” the samples make absolutely no sense, probably by design. Some of the highlights come on the occasional guitar leads, located on the title track, as well as “Close To Toast” and “Bleeding Frenzy.” There’s another brief, quick-moving section on “Obsolete Man” that really stands out as a stark contrast to the rest of the mid-paced track.

The lyrics take a backseat to the music here, as they don’t stand out significantly. The music does a better job of engaging the listener and is generally a good album for those who like punk/hardcore and may or may not have ADD.

Overall: Entertaining and energetic, but somewhat low on replay value. 

Rating: 3.0*


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