Review: Sylosis – Dormant Heart

Location: Reading, England, UK
Released: January 12, 2015
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Format Reviewed: FLAC
Feature: Global Conquest – Recent Releases

By: Kris Kotlarik

Sylosis is a band I have heard a lot of good things about, but not from. Their fourth album, Dormant Heart, doesn’t do much to change that perception for me.

That sounds harsher than it actually should be taken; I don’t think Sylosis sucks. But they sound too much like Machine HeadArch Enemy, and Insomnium, among other bands that I don’t particularly like. These bands’ footprints are all over this record, and because of that, the good parts are only in bits and pieces. The titular track has a great intro to it, while “Victims and Pawns” and “To Build A Tomb” each have some nice riffs and guitar work that don’t last nearly as long as they should. Most of the other songs don’t develop into anything special and are entirely unremarkable; “Leech,” “Harm,” and “Mercy” come to mind as tracks to avoid.

All that said, the nine-minute “Quiescent” is an all-around good track that is more experimental than anything else on this album, yet still accessible for most metal audiences. It explores the more melodic aspects of their sound and is fairly light in comparison to what the rest of this disc puts in front of it, but reaches a nice fever pitch close to the end on a nice, lengthy crescendo. “Callous Souls” and “Indoctrinated” are also good tracks that sustain a more uptempo, aggressive energy throughout the song.

There are two bonus tracks; “Pillars Erode” is so Machine Head that it’s uncanny, and “Zero” is a cover of Smashing Pumpkins’ original hit. It’s not a good cover, although it did give me inspiration for another death metal karaoke rendition.

Overall: Very average, although “Quiescent” is one of the better tracks to be released recently.

Rating: 2.0*


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