Originally a radio show at picturesque UW-Eau Claire, Kris Kotlarik got bored with the state of Wisconsin and ventured off to take the show into Central Ohio. Over The Seize aims to review albums, whether they are local, national or global. The title for this page is inspired by Alestorm’s “Over The Seas.” At the moment I plan on having four segments:

Local Waters: Not every band blows up overnight. Local groups need love, too!  This feature focuses on interviewing local bands, as well as reviewing their albums and making sure their rock moves are captured in their full glory.

National Uprising: In homage to Eau Claire Uprising, which brought (and continues to bring) national and international acts to a town of 60,000, this segment goes out to bands across the country for album reviews, interviews and concert coverage.

Global Conquest: International coverage of bands’ albums and shows, including any future festivals in Europe that I travel to.

All  Time Favorites: One review each week will be dedicated to reviewing an all-time favorite album of the author. They will eventually be ranked into one big electric boogaloo.



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